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Equipment Available

  • Dipper Dredger
  • Backhoe Dredgers
  • Hopper Barges
  • Split barges
  • Tugs
  • Grab dredgers
  • Deck loading barges
  • Jack up barge

About Us :

Rock & Reef Dredging Pvt.Ltd. was incorporated in 2006 to service the needs of Capital Dredging, underwater trenching for pipelines and cables, Rock blasting and removal, building breakwaters by placing armour protection with the help of heavy earthmoving marine equipments.  The company is owned by a group of highly experienced professionals who bring with them more than three decades of experience in marine projects.

The Company enjoys a very good reputation in the market and has completed several projects successfully.  The Promoters, Mr.Harsharan SinghDharni, Mr.Parminder Singh Dharni, Mr.Gurdial Singh Dhanotra and Mr.Manish Shah are very well known in the marine field and dredging industry.

The Company under the leadership of  Mr.Harsharan Singh Dharni is supported  by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, whose main aim is to provide efficient and quality service at the most affordable cost.  The Company is very well updated with the latest technologies in the field and is confident of providing the required services in the area of marine and port infrastructure.  The Company operations are spread across the Indian coasts.


The Company’s vision is to cater to the enormous requirement of capital dredging, trenching, building breakwaters and dredging for the construction of shipyards, water intake pump houses, new berths and deepening of navigational channels to get bigger ships into existing ports.


The Company's core competence is in capital dredging involving removal and dredging of strong, wide  jointed rocks,  rock  fragmentation  and pre-treatment  by drilling and blasting.

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