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Equipment Available

  • Dipper Dredger
  • Backhoe Dredgers
  • Hopper Barges
  • Split barges
  • Tugs
  • Grab dredgers
  • Deck loading barges
  • Jack up barge

Contact Us :

If you have any question or feedback about this website, or simply like to enquire about our services or non-obligatory proposals and quotations, please do not hesitate to contact us

 Rock and Reef Dredging Pvt. Ltd.,
 Centurion, S-05, 2nd Floor, Sector 19 A,
 Nerul - East, Navi Mumbai - 400706.
 Harsharan Singh

 Manish Shah  9867736555
 Parminder Singh  9322241715
 Gurdial Singh Dhanotra  9821347842
 E-mail :  info@rockandreef.com
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