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Equipment Available

  • Dipper Dredger
  • Backhoe Dredgers
  • Hopper Barges
  • Split barges
  • Tugs
  • Grab dredgers
  • Deck loading barges
  • Jack up barges

Dredging Equipment :

  Dipper Dredger
  General Specifications of Dipper Dredger  “Octopus”
  Principal Dimensions
  Length Overall   40 Meters
  Breadth   12.5 Meters
  Depth of Hull    3 Meters
  Loaded Draft    2 Meters
  Year of Built   2009
  Classification   Indian Register of Shipping
  Gross Registered Tons   405 Tons 
  Service:   Coastal
  Other Specifications
  Excavator:   Liebherr P984C
  Model   2009
  Dredging Depth   18.9 meters
  Bucket    2 M3
  Dredging Depth   15 meters
  Bucket    5 M3
  Spuds   3 Nos
  Spud Winches   Hydraulic
  Anchor Winch   Electric driven
  Anchors    2 Number
  Anchor Weight   400 Kgs Each
  Electric Motor     7.5 Kva
  Generator:   50 Kva
  Make   Cummins
  Voltage   415 Volts
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