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Our Dredging Processin 3 sections

Working with a growing number of high value clients across the Indian Coasts, Rock and Reef Dredging Private Limited is committed to bring in investment and latest technology to further improve its fleet which will ensure they remain at the forefront of marine and dredging services.


Capital dredging involves the creation of new and improved facilities such as a harbor basin and a deeper navigational channel.


Maintenance dredging concerns the removal of siltation from channel beds to maintain the design depth of navigation channels and ports.


Remedial dredging involves careful removal of contaminated material and its relocation for further treatment or reuse of such material.

Capital Dredging Process

Capital Dredging involves the creation of new or improved facilities such as Harbour basin, Deeper Navigation Channel, Lake, or an area of Reclaimed Land for Industrial or Residential purposes. Such projects are generally characterized by the following features

  • Relocation of large quantities of material.  
  • Compact soil.  
  • Undisturbed soil layers.  
  • Low contaminant content (if any).  
  • Significant layer thickness.  
  • Non-repetitive Dredging Activity

Maintenance Dredging Process

Maintenance Dredging concerns the removal of siltation from channel beds, which generally occurs naturally, in order to maintain the design depth of navigation channels and ports. The main characteristics of Maintenance Dredging projects are :

  • Variable quantities of material
  • Soft, Uncompacted soil 
  • Contaminant content possible. 
  • Thin layers of material. 
  • Occurring in Navigation Channels and Harbours.
  • Repetitive activity.

Remedial Dredging Process

Remedial Dredging, both Capital and Maintenance Dredging, can have a beneficial side effect of removing contaminated material from the Dredging location. Remedial Dredging, purely for the purpose of cleaning the Dredging location, is not always recognized as a separate type of Dredging, and yet it has distinctive characteristics. lt is carried out in an effort by society to correct past actions, which have, in some cases, resulted in heavily contaminated sediments. Remedial Dredging involves careful removal of the contaminated material and its Relocation. The Main Characteristics of Remedial Dredging Projects are:

  • Small Dredged quantities.  
  • High contaminant content.  
  • Soft, uncompacted soil.  
  • Non-repetitive activity (provided the Problem is effectively controlled at source).

Other Services & Support

  • Capital Dredging Support.  
  • Planning Designing and Executing Capital Dredging Projects.  
  • Trenching for Pipelines and Cables.  
  • Building of Dredgers and Dredging Equipments.  
  • Hydrographic Surveys for Route Planning for Navigation.  
  • Construction Support for Ports, Shipyards and other Marine Infrastructure.  
  • Rock Blasting and Removal for various Marine Projects.  
  • Building Tailor made Dredging Equipments for Dredging Solutions.  
  • Bathymetry Survey and Quantity Calculation for Dredging Projects.


  • Beach Dredging  
  • Canal Dredging  
  • Channel Dredging.  
  • Dam Dredging.  
  • Dredging Mud & Silt.  
  • Dredging/ Dewatering.  
  • Lagoon Dredging.  
  • Lake/Pond Dredging.  
  • Marina Dredging.  
  • Mine Tailings Dredging.  
  • River Dredging.  
  • Sand Mining / Dredging.  
  • Spray Dredging.

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